In the two days in which the conference tооk place (20-21 October 2017), ten lecturers from higher education institutions in Plovdiv, Sofia, and Germany examined important moments in the historical and philosophical dimensions of the half a millennium anniversary of the Reformation in Germany and the inter-religious and intercultural aspects in West and East.



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With discourse “Spirit and Sense of Martin Luther” at the conference participated Mr. Christian Priesmeier, a 15th generation grandson of Martin Luther who lives in Hamelin (Germany); Secretary of the Lutheriden-Vereinigung, an organization of Martin Luther’s direct descendants dedicated to preserving the legacy of the father of the Reformation.

Dr. Petar Gramatikov (URI Global Councile trustee and URI Europe support team member) took part in the forum with a discourse under the title “Balkan dimensions on the road from Augsburg to Constantinople”. 


P. Gramatikov and Christian Priesmeier Constantinople and Augsburg


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