United Religions Initiative Europe

URI Europe Dialogue Letter

Issue No. 14          ***         November 2010 - January 2011 

Dear friends, peace and all good to you!
We are happy to present you news from the United Religions Initiative in Europe.

Save the date announcements

Support the Golden Rule Tour  

In March 2011 the Golden Rule Tour will take place with Peace Ambassador Mussie Hailu from Ethiopia and Lone Klemmensen from Denmark travelling around Europe and connecting URI CCs to promote the Golden Rule.

We want to sow the seed of inner peace in every human being that we meet.
We want the nations to bring human rights to the forefront of their policies.
We want people to show respect, compassion and tolerance towards each other, regardless of religion, age, gender, culture etc.
We want URI to be a VOICE that is being heard in Europe, standing up for what is right and bringing people together.

BUT we need your help to organize events and talks in your local area or if you have connections to other places in Europe. This will also bring your CC a lot of benefits by being able to host one of the world’s most gifted personalities. 

The concept note can be downloaded here.

Yours sincerly,  

Lone Klemmensen, Coordinator for URI Denmark and URI Aarhus, member of the Golden Rule CC and member of WIN CC

Apply for a Seed Grant
Dear Members of the URI community, CCs
This is a reminder that the Environmental Satellite of the URI President’s
Council is offering seed grants to support URI Co-operation Circles in creating
“cultures of peace, justice, and healing for the Earth and all living
beings.” The seed grants place emphasis on supporting activities which
address climate change, and on activities which preserve the abundance of
life on Earth.
Information and applications are available on the URI website in Spanish and
Portuguese, as well as in English. The deadline for applications is February 1,
Click on the following link to go to the website: 
Please let us know if you have any questions regarding your application.
All the best,
Cynthia Sampson
Michelle Clark

World Interfaith Harmony Week 
We are seeking your help and involvement. On October the 20th 2010 the
United Nations General Assembly unanimously established the World Interfaith
Harmony Week. The resolution was first proposed by H.M. King Abdullah II of
Jordan on September 23rd 2010. The operative text of the Resolution says,

The General Assembly,
1. Reaffirms that mutual understanding and interreligious dialogue
constitute important dimensions of a culture of peace;
2. Proclaims the first week of February of every year the World Interfaith
Harmony Week between all religions, faiths and beliefs;
3. Encourages all States to support, on a voluntary basis, the spread of the
message of interfaith harmony and goodwill in the world's Churches, Mosques,
Synagogues, Temples and other places of Worship during that week based on
Love of God and Love of the Neighbor, or based on Love of the Good and Love
of the Neighbor, each according to their own religious traditions or
4. Requests the Secretary-General to keep the General Assembly informed of
the implementation of the present resolution.
However, your help is very much needed. Specifically, we need and gratefully
ask you to:
(1) Write a personal email or letter of support for this initiative and post
it at www.worldinterfaithharmonyweek.com at the appropriate place. Please
mention your URI membership.
(2) Organizing yourself an event or simple a sermon or a lecture or an event
on the first week of next February on the theme of Interfaith Harmony.
(3) Recording you event to URI under newsdesk@uri.org and at
www.worldinterfaithharmonyweek.com at the appropriate place according to
your own country. Please mention your URI membership.
URI has just produced a most beautiful Tool Card to encourage URI CCs and
members to participate in this first World Interfaith Harmony Week!   
Click on the link below and you can see the article and download the tool
card from our URI website.  
New! URI's World Interfaith Harmony Week Tool Card

Announcing World Interfaith Harmony Week - event in Helsinki on February 5, 2011

By Heidi Rautionmaa

On February 5h, 2011 a World Interfaith Harmony Week will take place in Helsinki at the International Cultural Centre CAISA. People from different religions and convictions will gather to share their thoughts about harmony and multifaceted views around the world. There will also be music and poetry reading from different traditions, and a short DVD will be shown during the event as well.

The event is organized by the Finland´s Interfaith Dialogue Network, which consists of Kaupunki yhteisönä ry. / Living Together in Cities, Helsingin Uskontojen Foorumi / The Forum of Religions in Helsinki URI, Religions for Peace Suomen naisverkosto/ Religions for Peace Women of Faith Network in Finland and Uskot ilman rajoja / Faiths Without Borders. The Network works in fellowship with Parliament of the World's Religions, which has named Helsinki as one of its Cities of Peace.

More information: Dialogue Network Coordinator Heidi Rautionmaa: heidi.rautionmaa@gmail.com

Announcing the event "Islam, modernity and democracy" in the Netherlands (Woodbrookershuis) on January 28-30, 2011

Ari van Buuren, president of The Steering Committee URI the Netherlands CC is participating in an event entitled “Islam, modernity and democracy . He will be speaking during this interreligious dialogue. The event will take place from January 28-30, 2011 and focuses on the perception and role of Islam especially since 9/11. The entire program (in Dutch only) is available here

Also, he participated in a seminar about life, death and love on December 10, 2010, giving a speech and talking about his published book which is based on the diary of his wife who suffered from cancer, as well as his own diary, dealing with their spiritual experiences during her illness and passing away. 

URI News

URI Europe Assembly "Walking the talk" Istanbul 2010 - October 27 - October 31  


The European URI assembly “Walking the talk” was a very great success. All of the fifty-six participants plus one young boy and a baby enjoyed our gathering and experienced a very intensive and developing conference. Our guest country Turkey presented itself in an extraordinary and hospitable way, so all of us felt very warmly welcomed. Thank you to our friend Semsettin from SIRF Ankara and his team from Istanbul Erdal, Yunus Emre and Said. The staff at our conference hotel “Hotel Artemis Marin Princess” did their very best to fulfil our wishes and make the conference run smoothly and effectively as well. Ms. Nagihan from Bakhus Travel did a wonderful job in helping us in every way, finding such a good hotel and making many practical arrangements.


Most of the participants of the conference were new to URI. We specifically selected people who wanted to join URI and register their own CCs as well as people from existing CCs who want to help with this. Many came from countries new to URI, such as Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Kosovo and Greece.

At the end of the conference there were at least ten people who wanted to complete the CC application form.  

During the programme participants developed their visions and action plans, obtained training about SMART goals, brainstormed on fundraising ideas, and discussed "burning issues" - topics of interest. 

It was particularly nice having children with us as well.


This year fifty-six wonderful people from all over Europe and the world gathered in Istanbul, plus one young boy and a baby. 

Jessiee Kaur Singh from Australia joined us as a representative from the global board, eight youth ambassadors from Germany, Lebanon, Morocco, UAE, UK and USA joined our conference to learn about the European URI activities as a part of their education program.

Altogether we had participants and team members from twenty different countries. There were wonderful people from:

Australia; Belgium; Bosnia -Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Czech Republic; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Kosovo; Lebanon; Morocco; Rumania; Spain; The Netherlands; Turkey; UAE; UK; USA. 

We also welcomed a very large variety of eighteen different faiths and traditions.There were:

Christians:- Roman Catholic/Unitarian (Greek and Russian Orthodox; Protestant; Multicultural; Daiost Christian; Hindu; Hindu/Vaishnava/ISKCON; Humanistic; Jewish; Mahayana Buddhist; Mormon; Muslim; Sikh

Twenty-six of our participants were under the age of thirty-five, thirty were older than thirty-five. There was a great balance of age which helped us to make the conference a great success. The creativity and willingness to take action in URI Europe were remarkable. 


To let you know more about our Youth participants during the URI European Assembly in Istanbul 2010 

There were twenty-six people under the age of thirty-five participating in the conference.

They came from the following countries: 

Belgium; Bosnia - Herzegovina; Czech Republic; Finland; Germany; Kosovo; Lebanon; Morocco; Romania; Turkey; UAE; UK; USA 

The young participants came from ten different faiths and traditions: 

Bahaii; Christian: Roman Catholic/Unitarian; Greek and Russian  Orthodox; Protestant /Lutheran; Hindu / Vaishnava / ISKCON; Humanistic; Jewish; Mahayana Buddhist; Muslim

Deep gratitude to many people who made this amazing teamwork so pleasant: 

- to Patrick Hanjoul for his fantastic leadership as URI Europe President,

- to Louis Mentens for the financial work, good spirit and presentations (e.g. on SMART and others),

- to Deepak Naik for guiding us on the program and being a most fantastic lead facilitator,

- to Aminah Bach for her fantastic - and sunny - work in the registration and welcoming process, 

- to Elisabeth Lheure, Sheikh Bashir Dultz, Martin Gurvich and Patrick Nickisch for their leadership in the program and the URI Europe team. 

- to Semsettin Türkan and the five volunteers from Turkey for their cheerful and helpful support, (Semsettin also made the contact with Ms. Nagihan from Bakhus Travel, who helped us find a very good hotel and make many practical arrangements), 

- to Patrick Nickisch for the first draft of the report with the flipchart write-ups,

- to Matthew Youde for co-ordinating the youth ambassadors and for filming (he will edit a short "corporate image" video for URI Europe), 

- to Sarah Talcott for the partnership with the Youth Ambassadors' program

- to Karimah Stauch for her fantastic organization of the conference and the information about URI EUrope and URI Global, as well as about the great work they continuously do

and last, but not least (!)

- to Jessie Kaur Singh for coming over from Australia - which made her our participant who had travelled furthest!



Some quotations from the participants of the Istanbul Conference

By Stefania Sabo, Romania 

“Walking the Talk in Istanbul”, or finding the first stone to build the castle

One of the quotations that I love the most says “People come into our life for a reason, a season and a lifetime”. This inspires me to learn from each person I meet, to make connections and find the reason why I have met that person. The conference URI Europe organized this fall in Istanbul had a deep meaning for me as a person and for me as a worker in peace-building and interfaith. Sometimes the family, the society you live in can shape your way of thinking and acting, most of the time telling you, no you can’t do that, or you don’t know. The title of the conference “Walking the talk” was one of the things that really invited me to participate in this conference. It is that feeling that tells you, that even if you have no idea what will happen there, or the meaning of walking the talk is not quite clear, you must go there because it will change something. 

Arriving in Istanbul was for me a wake up to reality, stepping into a world of contrast, a place where Asia and Europe meet, where people on the street don’t speak the same language as you do. (Actually I was surprised to see that most of the Turkish people I met know a few Romanian words and this is really nice of them). It makes you feel so different, having the real feeling that you’re not in “Kansas anymore”. The sacred opening of the conference, the different prayers, The Golden Rule and the early morning meditation made the “entrance into this world” more powerful, inspiring, calming but also made me feel “awake and present”. 

I didn’t know what to expect from this meeting. Interfaith is a new theme for me, mainly because I am an Orthodox and I was raised in this religion. Starting my work as a volunteer at a Peace Institute showed me that actually there is more to this life than only the things I know, and that was my starting point when I wanted to know more. In Istanbul I saw a part of the real world. People of different religions and beliefs, people from all over the world, brought together by the same dream, made me realize that actually I can show everybody back home that yes there is something more there, and that just by starting with a “Thank you, and a smile” you really can make a difference.  

I learned in Istanbul how important it is to have people around you who have a strong dream, people with strong values and the power to go on, no matter what. Inspired by the people around me, the Marmara Sea and beautiful Istanbul I managed to put another stone on the “dream that I have”.  

By knowing how to be “SMART” (=Specific Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based Goals) and how to use small pieces to build up a castle I managed to find the best way to really “walk the talk”, and to have the strength to ask the young people around me what spirituality means for them and to make them aware of the diversity of beliefs that exist around them." 



By Anita Agagjyshi, Kosovo  

“The United Religious Initiative conference "Walking the talk - bringing interfaith action to each town in Europe" gathered fifty-eight participants from twenty-one countries and twenty-four religious traditions from Europe and respected participants from other parts of the world.  

Meeting and talking to people from different cultures brings one up to a level of respect and humanity. It made me feel stronger to start doing something for the people I share a town with, a country, a region, a continent after all - why all these borders? LET'S DO SOMETHING TOGETHER WITH THE WORLD. To be the change we want to see in the world (Gandhi). 

I saw and found love to have seeds of peace all over which expanded into circles everywhere and by creating our own circles they would expand into other circles elsewhere. I will be one seed of peace as, having experienced war myself, I know exactly what it means to be free and to live in peace.  

Love and Peace"


More quotations can be found here


DVD - booklet "Recommended DVDs for URI CCs"

URI has compiled a DVD booklet enumerating a number of recommended DVDs. Films can be used during interfaith gatherings and can serve as effective tools for peacemaking and for building interfaith relations. They are useful for inspiring discussions with people interested in different religions and cultures. 
Film categories include: URI events, outstanding personalities, peacemaking, interfaith, interfaith/environment, inspiration-leadership, interfaith music and mysticism. 

The booklet can be downloaded on the URI homepage, please click here to follow the link. In addition, all CCs will receive a hard copy of the DVD-booklet. 

The idea was inspired by learning about the work of the 20,000 Dialogues team to whom we are thankful for their co-operation. On their website http://www.20000dialogues.org you can find helpful information about how to introduce a film, how to invite people to the event and organize it, as well as how to evaluate it and break the ice during the program recommended for use during
interfaith gatherings. 

Activities of URI Co-operation Circles

Establishing a talking group in Helsinki, Finland

By Heidi Rautionmaa, URI and interfaith activist from Finland

Our interfaith dialogue network in Finland hosted a Viewing Party to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the Charter of Compassion.

While looking at the TED@UN talk on the internet the group got the idea of organizing open meetings once a month in the cafeteria to talk about the things that we as human beings from different convictions and world views must consider.

The first meeting took place on December 15th, 2010 in Taikalamppu, Helsinki and the first topic was related to the Golden Rule and compassion. We are planning to record the events and publish the talks if people accept this idea and if we find a publisher.

Peace and all good

Film evening of Baha'i Community, German Muslim-League Bonn (DMLB CC) and URI Germany

The Baha’i Community Bonn and the German Muslim-League Bonn (DMLB CC) continued their series of interfaith film evenings on December 17, 2010, in cooperation with URI Germany CC.

This is a very special series of events of the two Baha’i and Muslim organisations, building bonds of friendship and showing that cooperation between the two communities is possible. To the best of our knowledge it is unique worldwide.

Approximately 20 people gathered at the Baha’i Centre in Bonn to watch a road movie about the pilgrimage to Mecca of two generations. - Before the film, people enjoyed an evening meal, conversations and socialising around the dinner tables. The film was followed by a discussion and exchange.

In fact, during the whole time together harmony and friendship and a lively exchange were experienced by all.

An interfaith planning team had selected the film, based on consensus: Claudia Mohadjeri, Kurt-Rainer Daubach and Nadeschda Subow of the Baha’i community with Sheikh Bashir and Karimah Stauch of the German Muslim-League Bonn.

It was most inspiring to have Michael Schmiedel and his wife with us. Michael is the contact person for Religions for Peace (RfP) Bonn/Cologne. Likewise it was a great pleasure that Ellen Henseler, the senior member of the Baha’i community Bonn , joined us for the film evening. 

The Baha’i community’s hospitality was wonderful and heart warming, the food excellent as ever.

The movie series will be continued at the end of March / beginning of April 2011.








Contents of this edition:

Save the date announcements

*Support the Golden Rule Tour
*Apply for a seed grant
*World Interfaith Harmony Week
*Announcing World Interfaith Harmony Week - event in Helsinki on February 5, 2011
*Announcing the event "Islam, modernity and democracy" in the Netherlands (Woodbrookershuis) on January 28-30, 2011

URI News

*URI Europe Assembly "Walking the talk" Istanbul 2010 - October 27 - October 31
*DVD - booklet "Recommended DVDs for URI CCs"

Activities of URI Co-operation Circles:
*Establishing a talking group in Helsinki, Finland
*Film evening of Baha'i Community, German Muslim-League Bonn (DMLB CC) and URI Germany
*Introducing SIRF - a URI Cooperation Circle in Ankara, Turkey
*URI Cooperation Circles in the Netherlands, Finland and Germany welcome URI Europe Coordinator
*URI Affiliate on Romanian TV
*URI Europe team members participate in President's Council meeting
*URI Europe team discusses work plan 2011

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URI Europe Executive Committe:
Kiran Bali, United Kingdom 
Sheikh Bashir Ahmad Dultz, Germany 
Martin Gurvich, Belgium 
Patrick Hanjoul, Belgium 
Elisabeth Lheure, Catalonia/Spain 
Louis Mentens, Belgium 
Deepak Naik, United Kingdom 
Patrick Nickisch, Belgium/Germany
Karimah Stauch, Germany  

Karimah Stauch

Assistants to the Coordinator:
Aminah Bach
Ahlam Elyassir

European Co-operation Circles (CCs):

Basque Country/Spain:
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Bosnia and Herzegovina :
* Balkan as a Soul-Bridge CC, Sarajevo

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URI Aarhus CC, Aarhus

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* Religious Forum in Helsinki, Helsinki
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* SNTL - Procesbegeleidersgroep Samenwerkingsverband Traumahulpverlening, Amsterdam
* Women’s Group IJsselstroom Zwolle and surroundings, Zwolle

* URI Romania - Int'l Ecumenical Center CC, Bukarest

Russia :
* Religions for Humanity CC, Moscow

Tajikistan  :
* Center for Peace and Dialogue of Cultures, Dushanbe 

* Society for Intercultural Research and Frienship (SIRF), Ankara

United Kingdom:
* Ahimsa for Quality of Life CC, London
* Faith2Faith CC, Huddersfield
Minorities of Europe CC, Coventry
URI-UK CC, Keswick, Cumbria

URI Recognitions and Awards

*The United Religions Initiative (URI) has a consultative status at the United Nations (DPI and ECOSOC)

*URI's "Travelling Peace Academy" was chosen by the Rio Forum (28-29 May, 2010 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) of the UN Alliance of Civilizations as one of the ten most innovative and successful grassroots initiatives aimed at promoting mutual understanding among people and cultures

*In November 2007 URI Europe was awarded with the "Golden Stars Award" of the European Commission, Directorate-General for Education and Culture. The award was handed to URI by EU Commissioner Ján Figel in Brussels.




Introducing SIRF - a URI Cooperation Circle in Ankara, Turkey

Semsettin Türkan, contact person of SIRF CC, was the host of the conference in Istanbul.

The Society for Intercultural Research and Friendship (URI-SIRF CC), which is located in Ankara, Turkey, is a non-governmental organization which aims to provide voluntary service for mainly non-native students who come to Turkey for educational and other purposes. Established in 1995 it has been working since then, aiming at creating a friendly atmosphere among young people from different countries, cultures, ethnic roots, ages and religions. It provides guidance and its goal is to create an intercultural atmosphere of peace and to correct misunderstandings amongst people of different cultures. 

The NGO works with students from around seventy-five different countries and ethnic groups in Turkey, and aims to broaden its work and reach all the foreign students living in Turkey. It has contacts with several universities in countries such as the USA and the UK. 

Every year several events are organized, including cultural ceremonies, the introduction of historical aspects of the country as well as sightseeing and receptions, for example, during the month of Ramadan. Furthermore, representatives have attended some international conferences; SIRF participates in regular meetings once every moth with more than fifty foundations. SIRF has been engaged in some TV and Radio programmes as well, appearing in the  press with their activities. 

SIRF’s future plans include the establishment of an Intercultural Research Centre where foreign and native students and researchers in Turkey can study and do their research. This idea includes a data bank of different cultures as well. Furthermore, SIRF plans to organize an International Cultural Festival every year. A periodical magazine in both English and Turkish dealing with the diversity of cultures is envisaged as well. 


URI Cooperation Circles in the Netherlands, Finland and Germany welcome URI Europe Coordinator  

In the second half of 2009 I had the great pleasure of visiting with URI Cooperation Circles (interfaith groups) in the Netherlands, Finland and Germany. It was a beautiful experience: very remarkable interfaith activists welcomed me warmly and opened their doors and hearts for me. It was a joy to exchange our experiences, plans and good practices in working for peace, justice and healing.

The work of interfaith Co-operation Circles focuses on social cohesion, peacebuilding, integration of minority communities and interfaith education. It is very important work, given the tensions and fractions in present European societies, and happens day-to-day almost entirely on a volunteer basis. I found the dedication and commitment of the activists remarkable.

I hope you will enjoy the photos below.

Karimah Stauch

URI Europe Coordinator

P.S. If you belong to a URI Cooperation Circle - or want to register one - and would like to welcome a member of the URI Europe board, please let us know and we will try to facilitate a meeting.

In Zwolle in the Netherlands - Women's Group Zwolle IJsselstroom:





Members of the Women's Group Zwolle IJsselstroom in Zwolle –

from left to right: Karimah Stauch (URI Europe Coordinator), Lonneke Gunnink-v.d.Berg and Johanna Vonk (Coordinators of the Co-operation Circle), Nioutze Ho and Petra (our gracious hostess)


Members of the Women's Group Zwolle IJsselstroom – Lonneke and Nioutze Ho





Karimah, Nioutze Ho, Lonneke, Petra, Joke




In The Hague in the Netherlands - Steering Committee URI the Netherlands:




Members of the Steering Committee URI the Netherlands in The Hague: Marc Ritveld, Bart ten Broek (Secretary), Henny. Ari van Buuren, who is not on the pictures, is the President.






Members of the Steering Committee URI the Netherlands in The Hague: Bart ten Broek (Secretary), Henny, Morgana, Marc Ritveld, Marie-Lisette Dercks (our wonderful hostess)




Members of the Steering Committee URI the Netherlands in The Hague: Marie-Lisette Dercks (our wonderful hostess), Marc Ritveld, Bart ten Broek (Secretary)


In Helsinki, Finland - URI's Christian-Muslim Circle of Helsinki CC and Forum of Religions and Convictions in Helsinki CC:




Members of URI's Christian-Muslim Circle of Helsinki CC: Isra Lehtinen (Coordinator) and Marko Pitkäniemi


Members of the Forum of Religions and Convictions in Helsinki CC: Marjatta Juntunen, Lars Silen (Coordinator) and Walter


Members of the Forum of Religions and Convictions in Helsinki CC: Mehri-Sofia and Lars Silen (coordinator)


 In Turku, Finland - Forum of Religions in Turku CC and Forum of Religions and Convictions in Helsinki CC:




Members and friends of the Finnish CCs: Satu Mustonen (Union for Christian Culture), Hülya "Hissu" Kytö (contact person for the Forum of Religions in Turku CC), Marja Bergen, Karimah Stauch (URI Europe Coordinator), Heidi Rautionmaa (URI pioneer in Finland), Mr. Rautionmaa


Members of Finnish CCs: Jouni Elomaa O.P. (contact person for the Forum of Religions in Turku CC), Heidi Rautionmaa (URI pioneerin Finland, founder of Finnish CCs, Forum of Religions and Convictions in Helsinki CC)

 In Berlin, Germany- URI Berlin CC:




Tajik tea parlour in Berlin

Karimah Stauch (URI Europe Coordinator) and Taufiq Mempel (Coordinator of the URI Berlin CC together with Peter Amsler (not on the picture))

               Congratulations and best wishes to Bart ten Broek on his wedding:

URI Affiliate on Romanian TV

By Tatomir Ion-Marius, URI Affiliate from Romania

On November 19th, 2010, reporters from the national channel Romanian Television 2 (TVR2) from the programme UTOPIA came to my town and interviewed people, asking them to speak about their problems.

I was quite evasive at first, just listening carefully at the beginning, but then I took courage and I was invited to speak. I mentioned that my problem relates to the fact that good news are not better diffused through the media, pointing out that the media should give more attention to promote the celebration of the International Day of Peace on 21 September more widely. Further, I pointed out that an answer to reducing fragmentation would be to implement education based on the values of a culture of peace in the schools. 

Finally, I ended by saying "May Peace Preavail on Earth. May Peace Prevail in Romania".

I am content that Peace had a corner in this reportage, which was broadcast on December 2nd, 2010. 

URI Europe tam members participate in President's Council meeting

On December 2, 2010, three members of the URI Europe team participated in the meeting of URI Global President’s Council by telephone conference.

The President’s Council has been established by URI’s visionary founder, Bill Swing, in order to help URI become a stronger force for peace, justice and healing in the world.

Elisabeth Lheure (one of three Global Council members from Europe) gave background information about the UNESCOCat CC’s programme of urban mediation in Barcelona, Catalonia/Spain, Karimah Stauch (URI Europe Coordinator) gave a report about the URI Europe Assembly in Istanbul. and Patrick Hanjoul (URI Europe President) presented his vision for URI’s development in Europe.

URI Europe team discusses work plan 2011

The URI Europe team met in Brussels on December 14, 2010, to discuss the URI Europe work plan for 2011. The team will focus on fundraising, membership support and expanding the URI network. The plans for 2011 will be shared with the URI membership shortly.

We were again graciously hosted by Jean-Mathieu Lochten, who had been a URI Europe team member for many years, in his beautiful home in Brussels.


uri-europe-team_DSC02968  uri-europe-team_DSC02984

Jean-Mathieu Lochten                             Patrick Hanjoul




Deepak Naik, Louis Mentens, Martin Gurvich, Sheikh Bashir




Karimah Stauch, Deepak Naik, Louis Mentens  

We thank you for your interest, participation
and for your good work for peace, justice and healing!                  

Karimah Stauch
URI Europe Co-ordinator

and the URI Europe Executive Committee:
Kiran Bali , United Kingdom
Sheikh Bashir Ahmad Dultz, Germany
Martin Gurvich, Belgium
Patrick Hanjoul, Belgium
Louis Mentens, Belgium
Elisabeth Lheure, Catalonia/Spain
Deepak Naik , United Kingdom
Patrick Nickisch, Belgium/Germany


We value voices that respect others, and believe that sharing our values and wisdom can lead us to act for the good of all.


Gegenseitiger Respekt ist die Grundlage unserer Zusammenarbeit. Wir sind der festen Überzeugung, dass, wenn wir unsere Werte und unsere Weisheit miteinander teilen, dies zum Wohle aller geschehen kann. (German)